Kouri Island tourist information

Kouri Island is the island where the Okinawan version of the legend of Adam and Eve remains.

Kouri Island is a remote island that can be reached by car from the northern part of Okinawa’s main island by crossing the Kouri Ohashi Bridge.
Kouri Ohashi Bridge is a 1,960m long bridge that connects Kouri Island in Nakijin Village and Yagaji Island in Nago City.
The sea is highly transparent, and the view from Kouri Bridge is particularly spectacular, making it a famous tourist spot.


Kouri Beach at the entrance of the island

Kouri Beach is located at the entrance of the island, and is shallow and extremely transparent. There are jellyfish prevention nets and lifeguards, so even small children can enjoy the beach with peace of mind.


heart lock

There is a heart-shaped rock at Teenu Beach (Heart Rock💕), and it is a famous and recommended sightseeing spot on Kouri Island, which is called Koijima.It is very popular with lovers, couples, and those who want to find a partner in the future♪Romantic Please come and see the heart-shaped rock 👀✨


Our cottage is located a 5-minute walk from the love power spot “Heart Rock”. Please take a look at the video introducing the route 👇

Tokei Beach/Peace Beach

Tokei Beach and Peace Beach are located next door.
It’s a natural beach and there are no nets to prevent jellyfish, so you can see lots of fish and it’s the perfect spot to enjoy snorkeling.

Tokei Beach
Tokei Beach
Tokei Beach

Our cottage is located a 10-minute walk from Tokei Beach and Peace Beach 😊 Here’s a video of the route 👇

Chigunu Beach/Cave of Beginning

Chigunu Beach is a narrow sandy beach, so it is not suitable for swimming, but you can enjoy the beautiful sea that is unique to Okinawa.

In addition, Chigunu Beach has a sacred place called “Cave of Beginnings,” which is said to be the birthplace of humanity in Ryukyu mythology, and there is a legend that it is the place where a man and woman, who are the Okinawan version of Adam and Eve, lived.

Chigunu Beach

Kouri Ocean Tower

Kouri Ocean Tower is a new tourist attraction on Kouri Island. The height of the building is 36 meters, and the observation deck is 82 meters above sea level. The observation tower offers a spectacular view of the highly transparent ocean.

Name of facilityKouri Ocean Tower
business hours9:00~18:00 Open all year round
Admission fee [adult]800 yen
Chuunin [junior high school/high school student]600 yen
elementary school student300 yen
Under elementary school agefree
parkingParking lot for 100 cars
address538 Kouri, Nakijin Village, Kunigami District, Okinawa Prefecture

Recommended sightseeing spots in northern Okinawa Prefecture

Yohena Hydrangea Garden is a recommended spot during the rainy season in Okinawa in May and June.

Our inn is a 5 minute walk to Heart Rock.

Our inn is a 5-minute walk from the beach Teenu beach” where the love power spotHeart Rock💕” is located ♬ A 10-minute walk from Tokei Beach and Peace Beach, which are popular for snorkeling 😊

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