Our cottage is in a great location, 5 minutes walk to “Heart Rock”♪

Kouri Island is also called “Koijima”. The reason for this is a beach called Tinu Beach on the north side of the island, where there is a romantic heart-shaped rock.

Its name is “Heart Lock”

It is a popular tourist spot for couples, lovers, and couples just starting a relationship.

It is also famous for being visited by the idol group Arashi to shoot a commercial.

Heart Rock is made up of two rocks, and the hidden heart appears when the tide is low💕

You can see it depending on the angle, but can you see that the space between the rocks is an inverted heart 💕?
Be sure to visit Heart Rock, where you can see three hearts depending on the timing✨

heart lock

Our cottage is in a great location, just a 5-minute walk from Heart Rock.


5 minutes walk from the inn to Heart Rock

If you cross the road in front of the large parking lot and continue walking, you can go to Heart Rock on Tinu Beach

I can go to Heart Rock

Please take a look at the YouTube video that shows the route from the inn to Heart Rock.

Tinu Beach is a slightly deeper sandy beach, so we recommend wearing sandals.

It is a popular spot not only for lovers but also for children. It is more popular for children to play on the beach than at Heart Rock.


Our Atype rooms are equipped with an outside shower, so you can wash off the sand after touring Heart Rock 👍


This is a shower installed outside.


Even if you get wet playing on the beach, you can wash off the sand in the shower outside and then take a bath.

Speaking of Kouri Island, “Heart Rock” is a must-see tourist spot. Our inn is located right next to Heart Rock.

In addition, there is Tokei Beach, a naturally beach formed a little east of Heart Rock. Even after enjoying snorkeling and sea bathing to your heart’s content at Tokei Beach, you can still walk back to our hotel.

At night, you can see a starry sky at our inn. We look forward to your stay.


The A-type cottage is equipped with a loft and can accommodate up to 4 people.
*Children up to elementary school age can stay for an additional 500 yen.
All rooms have terraces, so you can enjoy the starry sky at night. All rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi. There is a hammock.

powder room